Siddhesh Borkar - Lead Guitars


Follow your heart, you will make it one day and even if you don't you'd still make it for yourself.

Syd - Siddhesh Borkar, hailing from a family of learned and intellectual scholars was never meant to be a musician at all. It was the year 2006 where he dislocated his left knee twice while playing football which restricted and restrained him from playing outdoor sports again. A young man at the age of 15 felt astray and desolated but destiny had other plans on the platter.


Being deprived of not being able to pursue sports he accompanied a friend to take a few guitar lessons in sheer resentment. He never possessed any interest or inclination towards music till he started the lessons but he was very comfortable with the guitar and that the guitar felt very natural and familiar to him right from the first day.


He explored this interest and started developing on it and no sooner did he realise that he must capitalise on this opportunity and get on stage. It was during this time that he was first introduced to rock music and he felt allured by it. Ever since then to this day that fascination persists and it just grows each day. He then started associations and performances with various musicians and artists while he was still completing his college. It was 2009 when he joined blue blood as a bassist and played on the debut album titled beyond reach but could not continue with the band as it became difficult to cope up with academics. The playing never stopped and he continued his associations with other musicians/artists/bands.


He went on to complete his graduation and started teaching music - guitar/bass. Thereafter he enrolled for LLB programme from Mumbai University and could not afford any time for teaching since he was also assisting his father to gain some experience who is a practicing senior Advocate.


After having completed his LLB degree in the year 2014 he met Cyrus again and to his luck Cyrus already had in mind to resurrect Blue Blood. This time he wanted to play guitars for the band and hence the duo then started looking out for other members to complete the line up and the search ended as chin2, Kunal and Arnold joined the band.

Apart from being a musician he is also a practicing Advocate by profession. He is the fifth generation lawyer in his family. One may notice him appearing and arguing quite often right from magistrates court to High Court in Bombay on the criminal side. He is currently assisting his cousin / mentor / senior, Adv. Madhukar Dalvi who happens to be one of the leading criminal lawyer in the city and a special public prosecutor for the ATS(anti terrorist squad).

Siddhesh is endorsed by Blackstar Amplifications, UK. As he likes to quote: - "A lawyer by profession and a guitarist at heart".