Cyrus Gorimar - Drums


Born on the 6th of August, Cyrus Gorimar was already a rocker in the making. At the age of 3 he started his drumming career banging on empty vessels and milk powder boxes with broom sticks, unable to talk.

At 13 he found himself attending his first class, within six months his impatience led him to form his first band called ‘Band Aid’. Moving on to college days, Cyrus decided to form a more heavier band called ‘Serpentine’, which did most of the shows at Mumbai college festivals. Still not enough to satisfy his need for perfection, he decided to get heavier and took special drumming lessons with Mr Lester Coutinho’ and thereafter formed ‘PscyhoNeurosis’.

Around 1994 he caught up with Vince a bassist, and Devraj a versatile vocalist and John on the guitars, and formed a band called Brahma, from there it was never looking back.Over the last few years Cyrus has diversified Opium an event management company he founded into a production house, ranging from advertisements to corporate films & music videos.

Cyrus formed the band "Blue Blood" along with Syd back in 2010 which went on to release their debut album titled Beyond Reached with Emi Virgin worldwide along with a music video on the track "walk away" from the album which was aired on VH1 worldwide. It was 2014 when Syd (the original bassist) and Cyrus met and decided the future of the band. This time Syd wanted to take guitar duties onto himself and the line up was complete after Kunal on Bass, Chin2 on Vocals and Kunal on guitars joined in.

Cyrus and his wife Sharon have a great love for animals, especially dogs. Realizing their dream for an adoption center, they are well on their way to buying land around Karjat, situated close to mumbai to start a dog adoption facility called Dog Adopt. “All and any doggies are welcome, including strays” says Sharon “at the new proposed one acre Adoption Center”.

Cyrus wants to put an end to the dreaded disease called Cancer.

"I dream of a disease free world, every child having parents be it biological or adopted, older people always having family support, the harshest punishments for rape, child labour and suppressors of women be it their own husbands, the death penalty is what they should get!."