Chin2 Bhosle - Lead Singer

Chin2 Bhosle


'Not all who wander are lost’ these few words of wisdom aptly sum up the personality of Chin2 Bhosle who belongs to the first family of music. Being Asha Bhosle’s grandson, music runs in his genes, blood and soul and he's also made his mark in the Indian music industry as a member of India's most successful boy band - A Band of Boys

His accomplishments include –

- Releasing 4 music albums with India's highly successful, first and only boy band - A Band of Boys – giving you mega hits like - 'MeriNeend', 'Gori' and 'Nain Katari'

- Releasing 2 solo music albums (also with grandmom Asha Bhosle), with the 1st album hitting the top 10 Indipop charts and winning him the 'Best Music Album of the year' award.

(The second album, Coming Home, has almost touched a million views on Youtube and has been sung in 5 different Indian languages!)

- Video jockeying, radio jockeying and television hosting

- Starring in a Bollywood film - 'Kiss Kisko' (a film loosely based on the life of his band – A Band of Boys)

- Appearing and performing on various TV shows – Sa re ga ma L’il Champs, Indian Idols, Boogie Woogie, etc.

- Performing for various mega concerts and televised events – Femina Ms. India (2004 and 2006), Indian Telly Awards, MTV Music Summit, etc.

- Performing in over 500 shows in India and abroad (which includes concerts done with grandmom, Asha Bhosle)

- Co-founder and member of India's only children's band - The Chikaraks

- Training music teachers and writing fun engaging curriculum for Indian Vocal Students with the objective of hooking his students on to the magic of music making - in a fun way!


- Certified Grade 5  (with distinction) Guitarist from the Trinity College of Music, London

He has been a programming head for Big FM (and a Radio Jockey) and has done stints at prominent media firms like Percept and Lintas. He has been a part of musical plays like Alyque Padamsee’s musical Evita, Video Jockeyed on Zee Music, hosted a musical show on Mastiii (India's No. Music channel in the day), created background scores and composed jingles for myriad number of products


Currently he heads the Content and Marketing department of India's much loved Music Education brand - Furtados School of Music


Very evidently, Chin2 cherishes music and hasn’t left a stone unturned in doing so