Arnold Glenn Phillips - Rhythm Guitars


Born in a musically inclined family, his love towards the string started at the age of 4 when he was gifted a toy guitar.

By the age of 10 he was already under the guidance of Laxmikant Prabhu & was growing up listening to bands like Eagles, Scorpions, Beatles, Foreigner, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and loads of 70s, 80s, rock/pop.

The first encounter with heavy music was when he heard 'Bawitaba' by Kidrock and then the solo of the very famous 'Nothing else matters' by Metallica, gave him a sense of where he belongs and an outlet to express himself & channelise all the negative energy.

While his heart & soul is with music, he’s also an investment consultant and has been pursuing his CFA and yes, pumping iron everyday is also on the list.

Apart from being a Tutor with Furtados School Of Music and taking up Freelance Projects as a Facilitator, Arnold is currently with Blue Blood since 2016 and plays Rhythm on the strings. He also plays for his Thrash/Groove Project “Rutledge”