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All across the world you see destruction, devastation, violence, hatred, greed and more. Many say peace, love and prosperity will change the world but the only way to make the world a better place to live in, is to first have faith in yourself. When you have faith you have peace... which leads to love and then to success and prosperity.

We love swimming against the tide, we love challenges and we appreciate our failures. We fight our negativities, we cross our obstacles and we achieve success only because we have faith in ourself.

Have faith in yourself... The rest will follow.

Special thanks to our friend Pramod Naidu and Manager - Suyash Mohan without whom this video couldn't have been possible.




Three words to sum up the intent of Blue Blood's seminal new album. Though they're drenched in a new heavy sound, their lyrics and messages spell positivity.


The smooth and soulful vocals of Chin2 Bhosle seemed to make more than sense to counter balance the crackling and raging guitar chops of Siddhesh Borkar, Blue Blood's prime mover and composer, and drummer Cyrus Gorimar, on this new sonic expansion. Kunal Kambli brings his perfectionist touch with his classically jazz influenced bass.


Expect a honey-edged-gut-punch from this new avatar of Blue Blood. 

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